Let Me Guide you Towards a Fit and Healthy Body!

It’s amazing how the Bikini Competitor’s look is what’s pictured as the epitome of health yet, it’s the hardest to obtain, maintain, nor is it realistic or healthy for the general population.

OCB Bikini Competition in 2013

What if I told you that you can look sexy AND fit, while still being healthy and keeping your sanity?

Are you working out and eating “clean” but NOT getting results?

Are you curious as to why you cannot lose weight or get toned in certain areas?

If you answered yes to any of these questions shoot me an email and let me help you get the results you desire!

5 Reasons You are NOT seeing results:

#1 NUTRITION (eating too much, too little or not enough focus on your micronutrients as opposed to your macronutrients)

#2 Stress (elevated Cortisol levels)

#3 You are NOT lifting heavy enough, you are lifting too heavy and as a result losing proper form, doing your boyfriend’s workout, not training your legs properly (or enough), not working out according to your body type and specific needs while keeping your goals in mind and within reason.

#4 You are doing way too much Cardio

#5 Hormonal Imbalances (This is the Most relevant)

I believe Fitness in general is an 80/10/10 breakdown, with 80% being Diet & Nutrition, 10% Exercise and 10% Genetics

Roxanne Thaler NASM CPT, CES, FNS, Former Bikini Competitor & Holistic Nutrition Coach