Roxanne Thaler

I have worked in the fitness industry for over a decade. I hold a variety of professional certifications, which include personal training (NASM), corrective exercise, and both functional and vegan nutrition. I’m also a former, natural bikini competitor, and coach other females in preparing themselves for their events. 

In my opinion, a regular exercise and restorative movement practice is essential to have when life’s most difficult challenges present themselves. It is also key to achieving the greatest level of discipline, determination and success in sport and lifestyle. As a former bikini competitor, I learned the art of discipline and determination to accomplish my goals. As a young woman diagnosed with breast cancer, I applied these same principles to save my life in 2013. 

I also credit my success in healing from cancer to a healthy balance of rest, a real food diet, and a supportive and restorative supplement regimen. My long journey back to recovery required the expertise and direct guidance of my naturopathic doctor. 

In my free time, you’ll find my nose in a book, learning about the latest medical findings on breast cancer, holistic health and fitness. I also crave adventure and enjoy traveling, healthy cooking and I absolutely love Fashion – I Model part time As well for both fitness and fashion.